kicking it off

Hello world!

I’m Emma. Writing is my passion and I believe that I will thoroughly enjoy putting my hectic, busy, fulfilling life into words. I am excited to utilize this platform as a way to improve and strengthen my writing, while having fun with it and testing out different writing styles/audiences! In the fall of this year, 2018, I get the amazing opportunity to begin a Bachelor of Communication Studies program, majoring in Professional Communication. I so look forward to doing what I love every day in the future, and the freedom that this specific degree will allow me; travel, different work spaces, a plethora of projects and topics, multiple new friends and colleagues, and life long learning are just a few of the treats that shine brightly, just down the path of life.

Sharing my journey through post secondary, and both the highlights and hardships that accompany that, is something that I hope will be able to inspire and possibly help at least one person. I believe that I have learned a lot in my mere 17 years of living on this earth, and am so thrilled to be able to learn and grow over the next 4 years as well. I may not be a scholar or a life counsellor (or anything close, if we’re being real) but I hope to be able to make a difference in this world, no matter if it be big or small.

This blog will, quite possibly, be disorganized and all over the place (just like me), but I am excited to see where love, lessons, and learning takes us. I look forward to sharing stories, insights, advice, and so much more on this wonderful platform.