portfolio & resume

resume & skills

I currently have the pleasure of working as the Copywriter & Marketing Communications Specialist for the Mosaic Home Services Group of Companies here in Edmonton.

Check out my LinkedIn profile here for up to date info regarding my current role and work!

relevant skills

  • Copywriting
  • Communications
  • Social media marketing & strategizing
  • Social media analytics
  • Writing
  • Content creation
  • Website development & maintenance (WordPress & Elementor Pro specifically)
  • Market segment research
  • Organization and planning
  • Customer service and customer relations
  • Team work and team leadership
  • Research and presentations


social media work

Social Media Analytics Report
Within different social media roles, I created weekly analytics reports that highlighted key metrics and provided in-depth, personalized insights regarding why posts were successful, or what companies can do in the future to make them more successful. These analytics reports take social media marketing to the next level and provide a data-based approach to social media marketing! Checking in weekly with these reports also greatly enhances a brand’s ability to create consistency and maintain their brand.
*All logos, images, and brand specific content/phrasing has been changed or hidden to maintain confidentiality.*

YEG & YYC Cycle Account Management & Work

communications plans

Throughout my time in a Multimedia Authoring class, I created a hypothetical communications plan for a company of my choice and provide them with deliverables including an overreaching communications plan, a social media plan, a printed deliverable and more. I also created another hypothetical communications plan with two classmates, Sarah Jackson, and Elyse Dzenick, within a Strategic Communications class which I have attached below by permission.

These communications plans are not affiliated with the companies/organizations that I (or we) created them for, however, they do provide an excellent glimpse into the strategic planning that I am able to do for you!

research & writing

The Power of Strong Organizational Identity
This research paper, which I wrote to highlight the importance of creating and maintaining strong organizational identity, specifically in a liquid modern, ever-changing world. Throughout this research and within communications work that I have done, I have learned the value of brand identity and maintaining consistency through all communications.

Culture, Identity, and Intercultural Communication
This research paper discusses the interconnected nature of culture and identity and how this strongly linked relationship affects intercultural communication and intercultural relations. As a professional communicator in the digital age, it is crucial that I have intercultural communication competence and am able to understand and appreciate the cultures and identities of those who I am communicating with.

public relations

I have attached below two public relations documents that I have created! I wrote both the media release and the photo op notice as hypothetical documents within a Publicity and Media Relations in the Arts class. Neither document is affiliated with the organization that they were hypothetically created for but both do highlight my ability to write short form documents aimed at specific target audiences, such as the general public and/or the media!