quick to love

Why is it that so many are quick to judge, to shun, to reject rather that quick to love, accept, and cherish?

I have recently had a few experiences that supplied a copious amount of food for thought. I wanted to share just a small few of my thoughts and ideas with you.

Loving people is fun. It’s enjoyable. You get to show them how much you appreciate them, spend time with them, build them up, and experience a close bond or friendship. One of the most satisfying experiences that I have ever had is finding a good, loving friend, who you easily become close and comfortable with. I so enjoy being able to hang out, whether it be dinner and a movie or even just running errands together. Being able to be there for someone despite the situation or circumstance, and show them your love and support, is an unmatched feeling.

On the other hand, one of the hardest things that I have experienced is getting wrongly judged. Despite the fact that no other person will ever know you or your situation wholly, some still find it easy to assume and make evaluations without fully understanding the situation. It seems natural and effortless for them to formulate a grudge against you or decide to avoid or diminish your relationship. Hearing one side of the story, one false rumour, or being involved in a “he said she said” situation will immediately cause them to doubt you. Instead of being willing to go to the source, or simply ask after the truthfulness of what they have heard, they seemingly jump on the opportunity to disagree with, or dislike you.

Let’s stop this. Let’s give people the benefit of the doubt. Let’s be slow to judge and assume. Let’s be quick to forgive and love despite flaws. Let’s be patient and understand the entire situation before we allow ourselves to come to conclusions about people or their actions. Let’s choose the loving, kind acceptance, rather than the dramatic, hurtful inference. Before we choose judgement, why not be kind, hear people out, and choose empathy instead. Let’s accept and love and cherish before we hate or dislike or disagree with.

I know I can work on this, I hope you will join me. I know that, no matter what, we can all strive to be more kind to one another. So let’s.