I believe that the feeling that vibrates through your entire body, and effects you right to the core when you listen to amazing music is irreplaceable. Your heart skips a beat, and your mind spins and slows simultaneously, a buzzing feeling spreads through each of your limbs, and a smile slowly spreads across your face. I remember, many a time, sitting in a car, or next to a speaker, and experiencing songs for the first time that have eventually become all time favourites. The excitement and relaxation work together rather than against one another, calming you while invoking desire for something greater. Your body wants to move, and your lips want to sing, soaking up the feeling and sound all at once envelopes your entire being as you attempt to experience the song in the most intimate way possible.

Music generally is different strokes for different folks: certain genres appeal to some while completely putting others off. However, within that personal taste, the feeling when a fascinating, genius tune is played for the first time cannot be replaced, and warrants quite the challenge when attempts are made to describe it. Personally, I enjoy heavy bass in music, with techno sounding melodic touches, or incredibly powerful voice, to create that more gentle, sing song feel to the song. Unique voice with power, or extreme high or low abilities, or raspy scratchiness to it, or interesting accents is something that will never fail to amaze me. Whether that be Sam Smith singing octaves higher than I ever could, or Lewis Capaldi singing octaves lower; whether that be Jessie Reyez with a rougher, harsher sounding voice, or Charlie XCX with her British quirky, cheeky sounding voice; whether that be Demi Lovato with the strong desperation in her voice, or Amine with his peppy lightheartedness; it sincerely amazes me to experience the variety and individuality of voice in the music industry.

I also thoroughly enjoy music completely void of lyrics. Louis the Child and BAYNK are just a few of my absolute favorite artists that simply use lyrics or words as an extra addition to their music, not allowing it to hold the spotlight, or be the star of the show. Blasting the interesting, unique songs as loud as possible and letting the music just take you (as cliche as that is) is an unbeatable sensation. Despite the complete lack of words, these songs can so often allow you to feel and think as much or as little as you need or desire. The way that the artists and producers take any typical, every day sound, or simply make one of their own and create a phenomenal piece of art absolutely blows me away. Whether being able to feel the beat within is literal or figurative, this music constantly amazes me as it hits me directly to the core.

Although I have only been to one concert so far in my life, the feeling of singing the lyrics, and dancing to the beat with the thousands of people that you are surrounded with is simply surreal. Knowing that so many people are all feeling that sensation of security and belonging, matched with an indescribable bliss, makes you feel so unique and important and individually special, but also completely unimportant and small and part of a much bigger experience.

I love the way that music can make you feel so many different feelings, and experience so many different emotions. Some songs make me feel as though whatever I put my mind to is 100% possible, and that I am 100% capable. Some songs make me feel as though I need to pay greater attention to those around me, and look for ways to help them more. Some songs simply make me wanna dance, letting my hair flip around, and letting the music dictate my actions. Some songs make me want to go outside and find waterfalls and pretty flowers, and get tanned. Some songs make me want to get a cup of tea and a book and curl up in bed. Some songs make me want to fall in love with my whole being. Some songs make me want to simply love myself. Some songs make me want to work harder and be better. Some songs make me want to cry, and feel, raw emotion controlling all else. Some songs bring back memories of summers, and love, and friendships, and rivers. Some songs bring back memories of heartbreaks and loneliness. Some songs are sunshine while others are rain, some songs are moonlight, while others are neon lights much past midnight.

The fact that artists have the opportunity to take what they feel, and what they think and create this fantastic, inspiration, thought provoking piece of art excites me. Having an outlet for thoughts and feelings is such a huge part of stable mental health, and peaceful state of mind. For artists to be able to use songwriting and music making as an outlet for themselves is so inspirational; turning our long awaited happiness, or our inevitable pain into art is something that we can all hopefully utilize.

Music has always been something that has brought me closer with my family. Each of us have differences in our taste in music, but due to the many similarities, we have always enjoyed sharing music with each other. My dad’s jazz and blues have sparked interest for me, my sister’s love for rap has inspired a similar love within me, my brothers fascination with EDM and electronica has deeply effected my music taste, and my mom’s appreciation for sappy love songs has deepened my appreciation for them as well. I love being able to share and enjoy music with my family, dancing and singing and feeling.

Music has always and will always hold a very special place within my heart. From piano lessons, to dancing while doing the dishes after dinner, to learning two steps and salsas and jives, to the concert, to car trips, to dance parties, both alone, and with friends, to lyrics that express things that I never could, I have an incredibly deep appreciation for music and the people that provide it for the world.