make your home your homie

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Growing up, I always heard people talk about keeping their house/apartment/bedroom as a place of relaxation, comfort, and no stress by doing schoolwork or other work elsewhere. I always thought that it was an interesting concept and that I’d like to try it, but I never made it happen. I always seemed to be able to make up some reason why it was sooo much smarter for me to study in my room than at school…

Living off campus this year put me in a position where I could choose to take on this challenge, so I did. At the beginning of the school year, I decided that I would go to school every day for a good 8-10 hour period. I set intentions at the beginning of the day and use my time blocking method to set up a to-do list. I work as hard as I can on my schoolwork and other “adulting” things that I have to do while I’m at school and then let myself go home once I feel like I have done enough for the day.

Once at home, I like to do “homey” things. I make supper, I eat supper, I do some dishes, I clean my room a little bit, I do face masks, I watch movies, I listen to podcasts, I do laundry, and so on. I usually try to keep my backpack closed, but if I have to open it, I try to limit myself to just checking my planner and making/crossing off to-do lists.

My bedroom is a whole different story. In order to leave this space as the most relaxing and homey of all, I don’t bring my planner, my backpack, my laptop or any other school or work related thing into my room. When I’m in bed in the mornings or evenings, I read books, watch movies/TV shows, or connect with friends and family on social media, but I do not let myself do work.

When I first started leaving my home as a home and making school my place of work, I thought that it would take a while to get used to and for the results to show. But, much to my surprise, I immediately started to feel a distinct separation between my home and my “work” place. I loved it, and still do. There’s nothing nicer than coming home to an all-encompassing feeling of relaxation and lifted pressure. Home feels like somewhere that I can prepare for my night/the next day and destress/decompress from the day that I just had.

School, on the other hand, feels like a place where I am productive and efficient. When I arrive at school and find a place to sit, I immediately find myself in a hardworking and focused mindset. I try to take as much advantage of this as I can while I’m at school so that I can rest and relax at home.

This has brought me a much greater feeling of organization in my life and eradicated a lot of stress and pressure from my schedule. I find myself cramming less, being more prepared, and having sufficient time to complete everything that I want to.

As always, I’d love to hear if you try this out and how it plays out for you! Feel free to connect with me.

Thanks for reading.

An entirely unqualified life guru,

Emma 🙂