do your best, then rest

These past few weeks, I have learned some very valuable lessons, in very difficult ways. I’m working through them the best that I can and trying to make the most of the situations. I thought I would share, despite their inconclusive nature.

In life, you will never be able to please everyone. You will never be liked by everyone, and you will never see eye to eye with everyone. Making sure to do your best to be kind and respectful and get along nicely with others is incredibly important; I never want it to sound as though I am invalidating the essential nature of trying your best to be a good person. However, if, after your best efforts to be kind, others still choose to find fault in you, simply let it go. Do all that you can, but do not allow yourself excessive stress and worry over someone else’s opinion. People will assume and judge and possibly be unhappy with your actions, no matter how hard you try to be your best self, and the kindest that you can be. Just continue to be kind and genuine because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. Rumours may seem to eat away at you, but those who know you for you won’t even consider believing them. Rather than choosing to act out and be angry about other’s opinions, prove them wrong through your actions, and only reciprocate with kindness and respect.

On the other hand, I have also learned the importance of doing your best to fix situations, right wrongs, and not just let things go when they seem to not be going well. If someone is giving you the cold shoulder or acting differently, try to get to the root of the situation and fix whatever is wrong. Don’t lose the friendship and keep your pride, lose your pride and keep the friendship. I, too often, find myself being hurt or upset by a situation and choosing to ignore it and push it out of my life and thoughts, rather than find out where it amounted from and find a solution. Apologize for every wrong, own up to it, and plan to better it. Adapt to other’s needs, just as they adapt to yours. More often than not, if someone is acting rudely, they have been hurt or have something else going on in their lives. Do not take rude behaviour personally, instead, ask them how you can help and what you can do. Be as honest as you can be with people, but never in a hurtful way. There is always room for mutual respect and caring, even if friendship is not the best option. Leave what is in the past in the past, but never without conclusion or without appreciation.

I hope that I can continue to better myself in these aspects, each and every day of my life. I am excited for this new chapter in my life, but still appreciate and love the previous chapters and lessons that I learned during them.