do what you love, love what you do

do what you love,

Often in life, others perceptions and opinions can hold someone back from doing things that they love. If it were up to me, this insecure submission to what other’s think would be abolished. Although it doesn’t always seem like something that is completely in your control, you can choose to ignore negative feedback and judgement from others. By doing so, doing what you love can and will become so much easier and more enjoyable. Go out of your way to discover and find the things that make you feel more alive, the people that make you feel surrounded by sunshine. Take time to just sit and enjoy or sit and create or sit and meditate. Try to do nothing and simply think and try to do everything and stay busy. Choose not to worry about your lack of ability or your need to ask questions and what other people will think of those things. Choose to try new things and practice old things alike to both constantly learn, and to improve that which you already know. As long as yourself and others are safe, choose to be completely and unforgivably yourself no matter the circumstances. Choose every day to partake in activities that make you happy for yourself. If you find yourself doing something is in any way for others and not for yourself, don’t force that.

I have done things this last year that I thought I genuinely enjoyed, but that I now know I didn’t. I am in no way devaluing the fun and excitement that I experienced, however, I know now that I did many things for other people, while telling myself they were for me. This summer, I have challenged myself to do things solely for myself and to improve myself. I am going to try to exercise more, read more, learn more, work on my writing, hike as much as I can, make lots of friends and be kind to everyone I meet, work hard in my job, save money, plan for next year, show my friends and family how much they mean to me, etc., etc. I know that in doing these things, I will find a surplus of happiness and fulfillment because they are helping me improve myself and my relationships with others. I am choosing to be happy, and I am choosing to do things that I love, rather than things that I think the world will love about me.

This evening after work, I was able to go and sit on the dock by the lake and soak up the sunshine while I read my book. What an unbeatable feeling. Peaceful and relaxing, and good for the soul.

love what you do.

Many a time while I have worked in waterton, I have asked customers how their day has been so far. Often they’ll reply with a positive answer and then return the question. When I answer that I am happy or doing great on that particular day, I often get the response of, “Oh it can’t be that good if you’re in here working all day!” Or before I even have the chance to answer they’ll follow their question with, “I mean other than work” or “I guess it is just a work day though.” I have also had friends of mine dread going to work, or comment on how they find little to no enjoyment while at work.

In response to both situations, I like to let the person know that I have the dream job and I actually love coming to work. That may sound harsh or cocky up front, but I truly do, and it really isn’t because of the day to day mundane tasks that my job entails. It isn’t because I particularly like folding shirts or opening change rooms or helping people try on hiking boots. I just love what I do, no matter what it is. So often, whether or not something is enjoyable or something that we like, is 100% up to us. Choosing to love what you do is actually quite simple, but can have a life changing impact on your day to day attitude and mood. If 40+ hours of your week are going to be consumed by doing your job, you might as well love it. Shifting to this mindset or changing your attitude may take time and effort, but it truly will be worth it in the end. Being able to wake up every morning excited to go to work and complete tasks or help people will rejuvenate your outlook on life, and provide you with an increased sense of fulfillment and appreciation for both work and days off.

Although the workplace has been where this lesson has stood out most prominently to me, the same can be applied across all aspects of life. Any situation that you feel a preconceived disliking or annoyance about, can become something that you enjoy. It is all up to you.