uncomfortable comfort

“Epic failures,”

someone once said.


why… epic… failures?

;oxymoron, self contradiction.


Thomas Edison pops in like a light bulb,

“10,000 ways not to build a light bulb.”

Find positivity in the disappointing,

hope in the discouraging.

Rainy days:

green grass, effervescent flowers.

Just like

Disappointing results when first-time attempting anything:

things can only improve.

Just like


self reflection.

Just like

Disinterest in different styles:

increased passion for the style that you love.

Half of the fun directly results from

simply trying.

Belly laugh at each mistake,

Smile in the face of failure

& success will smile back!

Failures are epic,

Mistakes are glorious,

Errors are contributive.

This little attempt at poetry may have been one of my own epic failures. A major role model and mentor of mine suggested trying different writing styles to improve my writing as we discussed “epic failures”. My unsure state of thought provoked this idea– attempt a different writing style that I am not overly comfortable whilst writing about stepping out of comfort zones.