18 in 18

18 Things Learned in 18 Years

  1. confidence is key
  2. family is the biggest support system, comfort, and source of love
  3. to have perfect friends, you have to accept your friend’s imperfections
  4. work hard, you can do it
  5. if you ever need to escape, read
  6. love wholeheartedly or don’t love at all
  7. eat lots of veggies
  8. people who have jobs get jobs
  9. having strong opinions is great, but let other people have theirs too
  10. when good things end, it is probably for the best
  11. forgive and move on
  12. love yourself first
  13. celebrate successes, no matter how small
  14. drink lots of water
  15. wear whatever the hell you want
  16. treasure each moment in life, find positivity in all things
  17. go outside
  18. speak your mind, communicate often and openly