academic goals: first year

As I’m sure I have talked about thousands of times since I started this blog, I am starting university this week (hence the unexplained, extended absence). I have thought long and hard about what I want to do, and put countless hours into preparing and setting myself up for the best first year. I want to succeed, and so I will succeed. I have the power to choose how well this year goes for me, and have decided to set a few academic goals for myself for the next eight months to help me achieve the successes that I desire. Goals are essential to success, but have to be set the right way. Attainability is essential when creating goals for oneself; for example, I would love to be able to become chief editor of my school newspaper this year, however, I know that that is not attainable. Instead, I could aim to volunteer for the newspaper once and week, and try to get published a few times as well. Setting goals high enough that they challenge us, but low enough that we can achieve them is difficult and can be a very fine line to find, but is definitely essential to becoming successful. I have attempted to make each of my goals attainable yet challenging, and am excited to look back come April and see how I did.

Start on assignments or papers as early as possible to allow extensive time for editing, extra research, collaboration with other students, inquiries with teachers, brainstorming time, etc.

For lectures, do the reading prior to class, taking notes and highlighting along the way, record more notes in class, tape the lecture and fill in any missed notes listening to it at home that night.

Study long and hard, but do not over work myself. Work on assignments, studying and papers to my best possible ability and then trust in my hard work. 

Dedicate as much time in a day to schoolwork as I possibly can.

Put schoolwork before social life or recreation; prioritize education.

Collaborate with classmates as much as possible. Ask for feedback from them on my work, and ask to do the same with theirs. Try to discuss ideas, worries, questions, etc. Be friendly and helpful to facilitate good relationships. 

Take advantage of professors office hours and their availability and willingness to help me.

Do not let a not so great mark bring me down or discourage me from trying harder on the next assignment. Forgive, forget, and do better the next time around.

Use study and assignment processes that I am comfortable with and that I know will work well for me; make use of my strengths.

Aim for A’s, don’t be super disappointed by B’s.

Try my best to find interest in what I learn. Utilize passion, curiosity, and enthusiasm to aid in my studies.