the calm within the storm

Hello world! Long, long, long time no talk. I apologize for my inactivity on this blog. I thoroughly miss this outlet! I’m sure you’ve probably already heard much too much about university and school, but, it’s midterm season, so that is pretty much all I hear about at this point, and if I can survive, you can too. 😛

Quick update: I LOVE school. I feel so purposeful and productive, and I absolutely love both that I get to learn every day, and what I get to learn every day. I have been doing well in my classes and working really hard to be able to achieve that. Schoolwork is immensely time consuming and often wakes me up early and puts me to bed late, but I truly do enjoy it. Midterm season is in full swing, and the first few rounds of major assignments/tests are just coming to an end. I’ve spent countless hours lounging in various places across campus (and in my bed) and studying my heart out. Thankfully, this has paid off for the most part so far. I have met and made so many friends and become close with some of the most interesting, inspiring, and caring people. I have wonderful people to rely on, to talk to, to study with, and to celebrate the weekend with. This truly is my home, and I absolutely love being here.

In among all of this crazy busy excitement, I am feeling incredibly grateful for my family. The main non school related reason that I moved to Edmonton was to be able to be closer to all of my extended family. I don’t have time for much, but I always know that I can count of my family for some hugs, some good laughs, and all the support in the world. My family is kind, generous, loving, compassionate, supportive, and so much more. I am so, so blessed to have such a strong support system that I always know I can rely on. I receive offers daily for dinners and quiet weekends and dog walks and visits and talks. Despite the business of their lives, my family is constantly reaching out to me to include me in it. Although sometimes I don’t think that I express my appreciation enough, they really are a shining beam of light in my life, and I am so beyond grateful for all that they do for me.

My Gramma Ethel has been in a care centre for quite some time now. She is lonely, and I try to visit her as often as I can. I feel so blessed to be able to make a strong connection with her after so many years of living far away.

I don’t have pictures with everyone that I have had the privilege to visit so far, but here are a few of my treasures that I have collected with my loved ones. I am so blessed and so thankful.


Delicious eats with Katie and Lee

Another delectable dinner with lots of chats and laughs

All you can eat brunch with lots of the Orr gang 

Cousins, cousins, cousins… and Colton!

My precious Gracey 

And my precious Hayley

My beautiful bff, Hope