be like the sun

I was looking through old pictures about a week ago and I came across a picture of a poem that I wrote 2 years ago.


be like the sun

rising and setting every morning and evening

so sure and confident, giving off a sense of unwatered independence

not relying on the approval of the world

but continuing to paint the sky

despite the absence of pictures, oohs and aahs, and Picasso name tags


be like the sun

casting light on the future, leading the way

with new excitement and enthusiasm for each new day

learning from the shadowed past 

but never dwelling in the dark

constantly looking forward and enjoying the light


be like the sun

distributer of hope, icon of positivity

always looking forward to the exceptional and overcoming the inferior 

staying optimistic and bright

completely unaffected by the inevitable darkness that will take its place every night

ready to rise and illuminate the world every morning


be like the sun

ever-giving, ever-shining 

generously enlivening the world

never looking for gratification or recompense

unselfishly putting others before itself

an inspirational, shining example


Although I’d love to change some of the vocabulary, flow, diction, and more, the message of this still rings true today. The lessons that the sun can teach us are never-ending: confidence, generosity, positivity, a goal-oriented mindset, an excitement for the future, and a self satisfied independence. I know that I, for one, was truly lifted up by this message, and I hope that it can inspire even one other person.